Discover more about our library preparation and sequencing services below.

Library Preparation and QC

We favour Illumina's library preparation kits, but also work with custom protocols. Our most common library types are listed in the pricing section below. Don't see your required library type listed? Please contact us for details. 

Note that we can also isolate input material or advise you on the best isolation procedures for your sample.


  1. Optional: Contact us for advice and planning
  2. Consult our submission guidelines for input material
  3. Complete a sample submission form
  4. Submit sample(s) to our facility for processing


Library Preparation:
Pricing is per library and includes incoming sample QC.

16S rRNA Metagenomic: $45 
Amplicon Barcoding: $30
Illumina DNA Prep (formerly Nextera DNA Flex): $63 
NEB Next Ultra II: $63 
TruSeq mRNA Stranded: $125 
Custom: Contact us for pricing for custom library preparation protocols

Quality Control:

Qubit quantification: $3 per sample
Agilent Bioanalyzer: $120 per chip


We accept Illumina-compatible user-prepared libraries. For such libraries, certain QC metrics are required before sample submission. Library validation and quantification services (Qubit, BioAnalyzer, Bio-Rad ddPCR, qPCR) are also available for user-prepared libraries.

Please see full details of our range of next-generation sequencing equipment.


  1. Optional: Contact us for advice and planning
  2. Consult our submission guidelines for user-prepared libraries
  3. Complete a submission form.
  4. Submit library pool(s) to our facility for sequencing

Options and Pricing


The MiSeq offers the shortest sample-to-data workflow and allows assembly of small genomes or detection of target variants with unmatched accuracy. More information

The MiSeq can generate up to 25 M single-end reads (clusters) passing filter per run when using version 3 kits. 


Pricing is per run.

    UBC Pricing External Pricing
MiSeq v2 1×50 bp $1,550  $1,650 
MiSeq v3 1x150 bp $1,750  $1,850 
MiSeq v2 2x150 bp $1,950  $2,050 
MiSeq v2 2x250 bp $2,250  $2,350 
MiSeq v3 2x300 bp $2,850  $2,950 
MiSeq v2 Micro 2x150 bp $975  $1,075 
MiSeq Nano v2 2x150 bp $725  $825 
MiSeq Nano v2 2x250 bp $850  $925 

The NextSeq Series provides the flexible power and simplicity you need for transcriptome and targeted resequencing. More information.

The NextSeq can generate up to 400 M single-end reads (clusters) passing filter per run.


Pricing is per run.

    UBC Pricing External Pricing
NextSeq High Output 1×75 bp $2,700  $2,800 
NextSeq Mid Output 2x75 bp $2,050  $2,200 
NextSeq High Output 2x75 bp $4,650  $4,800 
NextSeq Mid Output 2x150 bp $3,200  $3,350 
NextSeq High Output 2x150 bp $7,400  $7,550 
HiSeq and NovaSeq

Please contact us to discuss options for sequencing your samples on HiSeq and NovaSeq instruments.   

Determining Sequencing Coverage

These links from Illumina will help you determine what coverage you need and what instrument is best suited to your project:

Still unsure? CONTACT US