Our core team consists of researchers and  staff, who work in partnership to provide top-quality services to users.


Associate Director: Diane Miller, MSc (UBC, Medical Genetics), PMP
Diane is in charge of management and day-to-day operations.  Diane joined the SBC in 2018, and brings a wealth of experience in ensuring that users are provided with excellent services that suit their needs.   Diane is the current President of the Western Association of Core Directors, the western chapter affiliate of the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities.  As Associate Director, Diane will work with the entire UBC community to enhance the SBC’s services, communication and reputation through professional management practices, staff development and strategic engagement with users and stakeholders.


Research Manager: Sunita Sinha, PhD
Sunita manages the research activities at the SBC, ensuring efficient delivery of all services.  She oversees all the SBC services, including Next Generation Sequencing, Sanger Sequencing, and Genotyping.  Sunita is involved at every step from project planning, sample receipt, library preparation and sequencing, and project follow up.  Sunita also organizes and provides ‘in lab’ training as requested by users.  Sunita works closely with all users and ensures that every project receives the services most suited to their needs.

Bioinformatics Specialist: Christine Yanta, MSc
Christine oversees the data management and analysis pipelines at the SBC. Christine provides guidance to the SBC and users, ensuring that analysis requirements are included in project design. Christine’s skills and extensive experience in bioinformatics are available to researchers who require their data analyzed, and she  will provide advice and training for clients who choose to analyze their own data.    

Research and Sequencing Technologist: Tirakorn Livingston

Research and Sequencing Technologist: Shir Yi Toh

Research and Sequencing Technologist: James Wang


Steering Committee

Sally Aitken, Faculty of Forestry,
Rachel Fernandez, VP Research & Innovation Office
Marie-Claude Fortin, VP Research & Innovation Office
Leonard Foster, Institutional Programs Office
Colin Ross, Faculty of Pharmacy
Sally Otto, Faculty of Science
Michael Underhill, Faculty of Medicine