The UBC Sequencing and Bioinformatics Consortium (SBC) brings together the facilities, expertise and experience of multiple units across UBC to provide end-to-end support for any sequencing project, with rapid turnaround times.

On campus friendly service
  • We are easy to access by phone, email, and in person. 
  • Samples can be conveniently dropped off on campus.  We also have a drop box located outside our storefront to allow submission of Sanger and Genotyping samples outside of regular storefront  hours 
Timely turnaround
  • Data is returned quickly to provide you with the results you require to move ahead with your project or publication
  • We go from sample to data in 24-72 hours for Sanger and Genotyping, and 3-4 weeks for next generation sequencing
Support and Training
  • We provide support at all phases of your project: during project planning, while your samples are with our team, and after data has been disseminated.
  • We will provide recommendations for your project, based on our experiences and the latest technology advances
  • We can provide class or personalized tours, and regularly offer workshops in ‘in lab’ training.
Flexible, service model for bespoke projects
  • Our service can be customized to suit the needs of your individual project and samples
  • We are experienced with varied input materials, including samples from unusual species and those with  low input amounts or with lower quality 
Extensive experience with small scale, pilot, and proof of concept projects
  • Projects with small numbers of samples and/or samples requiring minimal data are processed with the same priority and attention as large projects
  • We will work with you to determine the best strategy for your proof of concept or pilot project, and will advise on alternatives if our standard processes are not suitable for your requirements.
External, academic and industry projects welcome
  • Although our focus is the support of researchers at UBC, we also work with external academic and industry projects in BC, across Canada and internationally.

The SBC is an institution-supported shared facility. It was initially created to bring together the services and expertise previously offered by the UBC Sequencing Centre, the Biodiversity Research Centre NextGen Sequencing Facility and the NAPS Unit.

The shared facility’s mandate is to provide an efficient sequencing platform for UBC researchers and external users. 

We aim to support your sequencing needs and can help with:

  • project planning and experimental design
  • sample and library preparation
  • next-generation and Sanger sequencing
  • bioinformatics analysis
  • technical training in preparing, performing, analyzing and understanding the results of sequencing
  • genotyping

We invite you to explore the facilities and support we can provide in the following broad areas:


Next-Generation Sequencing and Library Preparation  | Sanger sequencing 


Training + Consultation

Training + Support  |  Bioinformatics Consultation

Reagent + Supply Centre

QIAstock Cabinet 


The SBC involves multiple partners across the UBC campus and externally.
Our technology partners include:

Resumption Plan 

The Sequencing and Bioinformatics Consortium’s Resumption Plan is available to Faculty, staff and students upon request.