SBC provides automated fragment sizing of multicolor fluorescent PCR products, utilizing Applied Biosystems instrumentation (Applied Biosystems 3730XL 96-capillary DNA Analyzer).

Up to four different fluorescent dyes may be used for labeling, increasing throughput by multiplexing. Co-injection of an internal size standard, labeled with a different dye, provides accurate and reproducible size determination, eliminating issues of sample-to-sample or run-to-run electrophoretic variability.

Some applications which can be accommodated include:

  • Microsatellite analysis
  • T-RFLP
  • AFLP
  • SNP

Planning your Project

Please contact SBC staff to discuss these questions:

  • What fragment sizes do you expect?
  • Which is the most suitable size standard?
  • Will you be multiplexing? If so, which fluorophores are available to you?

Fragment Analysis kits may be purchased through Life Technologies (formerly Applied Biosystems), or researchers may choose to order customized fluorescently-labeled primers directly through SBC. Please contact SBC staff  to discuss your primer labeling options.

Serial Dilution Run

Contact us if you require assistance in determining a dilution factor to be applied to all of your samples in your project. 


Academic Pricing - Injection Costs

Per Sample


To a maximum per 96-well plate


384-well plate
(Contact us for processing requirements)