Sequencing and Bioinformatics Consortium: Impacted service levels

As of March 16, the Sequencing and Bioinformatics Consortium is currently experiencing processing delays. All efforts are being made to process samples in a timely fashion, but impacts on specific services are outlined below. Please note that all sample drop-offs and collections MUST be arranged in advance with

For all questions and for new submissions, please email with details about your project and associated timeline requirements.

Sanger sequencing, genotyping and microsatellite services
Samples submitted for these services between will be significantly delayed, and processing may be outsourced to an alternate Vancouver-based facility (at no additional cost to the submitter). Submission of samples implies understanding of extended timelines and consent to outsourcing as required.

Next Generation Sequencing Services
Expected new sample submissions for NGS services should be communicated to with information about the project. Extended timelines should be expected. Please do not drop off samples without prior approval.

Data analysis services
Data analysis requests should be communicated to Our ability to provide analysis with short turnaround time is currently reduced, and may impact projects already in our queue.

QIAGEN storefront
QIAGEN reagent ordering is proceeding as normal, but specific times for in person ordering or collection of delivered items must be arranged in advance through Building closure may impact shipping of orders to the storefront.

Thank you for your patience!