In-person Workshop: Getting Started with Bioinformatics in R

Getting Started with Bioinformatics in R (in person)

Routine bioinformatics analysis is typically conducted using a number of scripting languages (Bash, Python, R). This workshop will provide a practical, hands-on introduction to the R programming language. In this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of programming in R, including core language concepts (variables, loops, etc.) and data structure manipulation. Working examples and exercises will primarily be focused on bioinformatics data.

Please note this will be an in-person workshop on UBC Vancouver campus. This workshop will include hands-on exercises with instructors nearby to answer any questions.


Date: March 23rd, 2023
Time:  1-4pm
Location: Pharmaceutical Sciences Building, Room 3340 - Robert Sindelar Seminar Room
Registration Fee: Free
Participants: 40
Audience: Trainees and researchers that would like to learn how to use R to further their research goals. No previous experience with R is expected as the workshop is suited for beginners.
System Requirements: All attendees will need a computer that has R/RStudio installed. Please review this setup guide and have R/RStudio downloaded and installed prior to the workshop. Help will be availalbe prior to the workshop upon request. 


Materials for today's workshop can be downloaded from this Google Drive link.


  • Introduction to R/RStudio
  • Understanding R syntax (including variables, loops and functions)
  • Reading and exporting data files
  • Importing R packages
  • Basic data manipulation
  • Plotting graphs